From the beginning of existence ProfiHouse is taking care of investments management and first of all offers services in that area. The offer is aimed at individual clients who are interested in building of small objects and also business clients. Ever time scope of projects is fitted to the investor requirements.

   If you look for something what is not on the list below just ask a question  - you can be sure that it is not going to be left without an answer and that we will try to help you. 

·          Distribution of finished projects and well-known design offices: Archipelag, Z500, MTM Styl, LK & Projekt

·          Authorization of changes unimportant for finished projects

·          Designing of individual building and executives projects (industrial construction, commercial, dwelling single-family and multi-family houses; traditional buildings, passive, low energy, energy-efficient, intelligent) 

·          Technical consultation in project stage

·          Economy assessment of applied project solutions

·          Organizations of competitions for architectural concept of the object

·          Adjusting project to the local plans of land development / buildings and land development conditions

·          Arrangements with offices and getting permission for building

·          Coordination of branch buildings / executives / technological projects

·          Interior design

·          Technical inventorying of objects which doesn't have project documentation

·          Modernization projects, renovation, development of buildings which exist  

   In our actions we reply upon diligence because your satisfaction of final effect is the best prize for us.

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